HCC Guest Lecture: Mr. Narayan Hegde, DGM Operations, Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd


The Healthcare Committee of TAPMI conducted their third guest lecture on Saturday, the 27th of August. The honorary guest was Mr. Narayan Hegde from Hinduja Global Solutions. The theme for the lecture was the role of IT in healthcare and clinical transformation. The session was extremely interactive for it involved the students in the discussion and enlightened them about the various changes in healthcare.

Mr. Hegde spoke primarily of hospital information systems (manages administrative outflow), clinical information systems (patient data meant for paramedical staff) and electronic medical records (patient data meant for doctors). The usage of technology can significantly help to improve the quality of health care. Electronic medical records create a vast database for patients, providers and doctors. The digitised data shows key medical information, reminders and alerts. The adoption of these records in the field of healthcare will allow for the easy accessibility of homogenous data, reduction of transcription costs, enhancement of provision of healthcare and accommodation for changes in hospital staff.

Patient care, patient satisfaction and quality of care remain key criteria for a healthcare professional. Mr. Hedge stated an example of an incident that occurred in Malaysia. Nurses used wireless laptops and the step-by-step diagnosis was monitored online by professionals. Technology can be used in myriad ways to increase efficiency and lighten the load of healthcare professionals. He spoke of a survey conducted in the US which showed that post the implementation of technological improvements, there was a reduction of staff to physician ratio, practice overhead costs and enhancement of patient perception.

Healthcare is a very dynamic field which is a significant constituent of our everyday lives. Its evolution from basic health care to what it is today is a signal of our country’s advancement in medicine, technology and innovation.


One thought on “HCC Guest Lecture: Mr. Narayan Hegde, DGM Operations, Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

  1. Very useful and valuable information is provided on such a vast and dynamic subject which is relevant to this present industry. This makes students to co relate and believe in what they are studying as it is very relevant.

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