DISHA 2016: Day 5, Sophos- How HR really makes a difference to the business -Mr. Amit Mehta, Ms. Antara Chatterjee, HR Business Partners at HUL


The interactive session with Mr. Amit Mehta and Ms. Antara Chatterjee started with a question “How HR really makes a difference to the business?” Mr. Amit shared what drove him to take HR as a profession and how the most challenging part of it is that people decisions are never black and white, they are always grey. So, it is imperative that one uses the right mix of intellect and judgement to take a decision. “People are the maximum VUCA you can get”, he said.

He emphasized on the fact that growth is essential for winning a business. HUL is fond of using acronyms one of which is the four type of growths the 4Gs-Consistent, Profitable, Competitive, and Responsible. HR has a refined role in each and impacts each of these growths in some way or the other. “HR is all about winning people“, he said and the acronym for this is 5Ms- Market, mix, mood, margins and mojo. If an organization focuses on these 5Ms it will definitely make a change to the 4Gs.

Ms. Antara further added how the talent market is no less than the product market. Every person in the organization has a role in contributing to the search for new talent. There  are two types of organizations depending upon how they attract the best people from the talent market. The first type of organization makes use of good policies, practices and infrastructure to attract talent while the second makes the talent understand what experience will they have when they are part of the organization.

For this, she gave an example of  marketing unplugged, a wonderful initiative of HUL in which brand managers  of HUL work together with students of various b-schools on a case to arrive at a win-win solution for both. HUL benefits from the innovative ideas of students and students get an insight of what life a manager at HUL leads.

Mr.Amit then talked about the importance of a healthy margin to ensure that growth is profitable. As an HR manager to ensure healthy margins you need to allocate the headcount along with resourcing for growth.

Ms. Antara talked about how employee engagement is  often mistaken as employee happiness. Employee engagement according to her is when an employee is ready to walk an extra mile for the organization. As an example, she talked about the project sunset implemented by HUL wherein, they believe that empowering people to take decisions is the best way to ensure employee engagement.

Mr.Amit further added how we are gradually moving from a TV era to a digital one and in that event, it becomes crucial to have the right mix of people.At HUL, consumers are divided into 14 clusters each cluster has  a certain level of global representation. The session ended with the last M: Mojo. “What drives you to do what you are doing?” According to her promotion, salary can give one momentary satisfaction and short-lived happiness. Some initiatives are beyond all these and are about leaving a legacy which is what HUL strives to achieve.

At any given point you need two people, one who takes decisions and one who  constantly shows the mirror to the other.HR  does the latter“, he said.


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