Disha 2016: Onimia, Day 5- “Disruption of business methods- a new model”

day 5.jpg

Excerpts from the discussion:

Mr. Salil Raghavan-Head HR, GES

Mr. Salil started with describing how social media platform is growing fast and gaining popularity. He said that previously it was difficult to reach potential candidate as the only platform for recruitment advertisement was newspaper. Now we have professional network as LinkedIn and personal network as Facebook, both of which can be used as medium of recruitment. Major shift in the recruitment process started with the job portals like, Monster, etc. There has been a shift in recruitment platform from paper to mobile application.

He then explained how VUCA is present in the hiring process. He emphasized that the management needs to be more efficient to cope up with this. Employee life cycle has become volatile. He pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of social media platform of recruitment. Advantage at the time of the recruitment of a potential candidate has decreased and there is a disadvantage because every recruiter is looking for the same candidate.

Mr. Sunil Nayak, Director Human Resource, DH Global – Forwarding India

Agreeing with the topic, Mr. Sunil said that, social media is not only used for hiring but also used for profiling. The discussion further revolved around, whether, hiring process has shifted to social media platforms like LinkedIn from traditional referral system. As an answer to this, Mr. Sunil emphasized on building “a large circle of influence” in order to reap the benefits of LinkedIn.

Mr. Sunil also quoted the benefits of social media in the recruitment process. He said that social media covers large demographics thereby helping the recruiter with greater pool of talent. It also decreases the time of the recruitment process. He said that DHL uses an application called “yammer” for talent recognition, process and policy adherence etc. Going forward he also addressed the negative effects of social media. He quoted the example of Whatsapp which facilitates employees across geographies to connect, but has less control on the information shared from the employer’s point of view.

Mr. Sunil concluded his discussion by saying that the best way to address VUCA in recruitment, is by hiring people who are agile and comfortable with the challenges posed by constant changes. He said that the companies should keep business processes in mind while recruiting talent to counter VUCA.

Mr. Kaushik Mitter – VP-HR, Reliance Jio infocom Ltd.

Mr. Kaushik said that earlier there was a bombardment of profile and sieving through them was a difficult task. He gave credit to the online domain being a game changer. It’s smooth and faster.  LinkedIn started as a platform for professional networking. A few years before people would hesitate to put up information on social media because of the fear of their seniors coming across it. Now it’s different. Everybody is a passive job seeker. Job seekers should be wary as a Google search can capture everything. It says a lot about the person and its better than any reference. Social media allows recruiters to research. Mapping is easier.

Speaking about the pros and cons of the advent of social media, he was of the opinion that as a Manager, it is common knowledge that everyone is out there.  If not provided with the employee experience desired, talent will find its way out. It’s necessary to keep arms around them as talent cannot be hidden. At the same time, it also gives a tremendous scope for research and reference checks. It has allowed HR teams to compete with the headhunting firms. A database is not enough to be a recruiter.



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