Disha 2016, Onimia, Day 5: “In the era of transient business models, talent wars and continuous skill development is imminent. Will Artificial Intelligence be the defining survival factor for organizations?”

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Mr. Jitender Panihar, CPO – HealthKart

Mr. Jitender Panihar started the discussion by saying that the world is changing. Artificial intelligence is bringing in tremendous change in future not just for HR, but the complete mankind in general. Artificial intelligence, according to him, means any data or system that can replace human intelligence. It is influencing change at very step with a click of button. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry from agriculture to e-commerce. Artificial intelligence, he explained, can hence be used to evolve humankind.

He put across his thoughts by saying that the world will converge somewhere. Virtual realities leading to virtual collaborations are the futuristic vision. Artificial intelligence functions to translate physical dependency in the virtual space. For example, there is no substantial requirement of swanky offices in the digital space leading to significant reduction in cost. More data means more digitization, in turn leads to more disruption, hence innovation. He illustrated the fact by citing the example of e-messages that trigger a price sensitive consumer. In this way, artificial intelligence influences the behavioral patterns.

Mr. Godfrey Sujitraj, GM- HR, Atria Convergence Technologies

Mr. Godfrey Sultiraj began the discussion by expressing his views that we are still a long way from fully incorporating artificial intelligence in organizations. In his point of view, there is VUCA everywhere. In this world of artificial intelligence, we are rapidly moving from regressive to predictive analysis. He also explained that the importance of artificial intelligence is highlighted by the fact that it reduces the risk factor associated with decision making which in turn reduces the cost of human resources significantly. However, he concluded, it also poses certain challenges in terms of return on investment and reduction in human employment.

Mr. Narayan Hegde, DGM- Operations, HGS

Mr. Narayan Hegde started the discussion by sharing his views on Artificial Intelligence. He said that artificial intelligence is important because it helps us in analysing behavioural trends of the employees in an organization. According to him, behavioural factor is the most important aspect in a persons career. He believes that though artificial intelligence can help us, we as humans should deal with problems by first acknowledging them.

He carried on the discussion further by saying that HR in operations is an integral part of the business. Through artificial intelligence, we can analyse past data and combine it with futuristic requirements to address attrition as a business model. It is a great way to improve efficiency.

He concluded the discussion by saying that there cannot be a trade-off between humans and technology. Humans are decision makers. They control, guide and navigate the organization towards their goal. Artificial intelligence is a tool to get better and improve the quality of work.

Mr. Binayak Mitra, SVP- HR, Siesta Hospitality Services Ltd.

According to Mr. Binayak Mitra, the rate of change has increased in today’s world. There’s a lot of data which needs to be converted. Artificial Intelligence in time continuum will play an important role. He said that the future will become disruptive where artificial intelligence will not remain a competitive advantage.

He carried on the discussion by saying that artificial intelligence using predictive analysis gives us better choices. This will help us take better and informed decisions which is the requirement of the business.

He concluded with a discussion on artificial intelligence and entrepreneur decisions. It cannot change or influence some of the decisions taken by entrepreneurs. Transactional choices can be changed by artificial intelligence.



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