Disha 2016, Day 5: Sophos – Characteristics of VUCA world – Mr. Deepak Gupta, Group Head – HR at Karvy Broking


Mr. Gupta began the session by giving a brief introduction about the various tasks performed in Karvy Broking. He provided a delightful insight into how a small company, Karvy Broking has transformed into a successful firm today, providing financial services across the country.

Taking the discussion forward, Mr. Deepak Gupta emphasized on the VUCA world today we are in. He said, “Employee has become much smarter today”. VUCA is all about disruptions. Who could have thought some years back that Google maps will come and provide traffic situations, shortest routes in seconds? Today’s ‘whatsApp era’ has completely swallowed the past paging and landline era. Cell phones took over the businesses of landline, cameras, and walkman. He very interestingly pointed out that if you are sitting comfortably, someone will come and shake you completely and take your position. This is the main characteristic of the VUCA world.

Taking the discussion further he said that web technology has created most of the disruptions today. Web technology is growing in such a pace that we don’t even have to react. Hence it becomes very important for the organizations to evolve with the changing trend. He rightly pointed out that “No matter which segment you are in, if you are not evolving then somebody else will disturb you”.

When asked about the strategies to be follow to evolve continuously, Mr. Gupta answered that one must be ready to question, change and provide value to customer constantly. He said that this is what the VUCA world is all about.

To conclude with, Mr. Gupta told various attitude traits employees must possess to work in today’s agile organizations. Some of these traits are: following 5 why approach, maintaining high level of curiosity, having courage and conviction, being emotionally resilient, thinking critically, having vision and being flexible and open minded.


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