Disha 2016: Day 5, Sophos- Challenges faced in IT- Anup Robins, Assistant Manager, HR at Wipro Technologies


Mr Anup Robins took an interactive session for students of TAPMI on 27th August in which he spoke about various challenges faced by IT organizations and also told how these factors impact the Human Resource Management. To begin the discussion Mr. Robins said that as an HR, IT is a good field to work in as it gives tremendous exposure.

One of the challenges faced by IT services companies today is that they are lower in the value chain. IT Companies are looking to move up from being vendors to strategic partners. Another challenge faced by IT is changing technology. Today’s Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things is changing the paradigm of business. He also emphasized on the point that small and nimble competitors are taking away the projects of bigger firms.

When asked about the impact of these changes on HRM, Mr. Robins said that first and foremost the effect is on the organization culture. “We, today, in IT industries require low power distance, strong culture, goal oriented attitude and informal environment.” He said recruitment process also requires to be changed. Today IT companies require quantity with quality. A thorough review of selection process is also important. Another area that has been impacted in this sector is the performance management system. An agile process has to be adapted to provide continuous feedback to the employees regarding their performance. Mr. Robins also emphasized upon the need to identify 4C’s employees namely, Catalysts- The high performers, Criticals- People whom you could not do without, Cerebrals- The ones who generate ideas and Capables- Potential yet to be realized.

To conclude, Mr. Robins said that IT provides a huge platform to HR professionals. It provides continuous growth to the employees provided they are willing to take up the challenges and to change with the changes in technology.



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