Disha2016, Day 4: Sophos -Industry in general – Mr. Sutanu Chowdhury, Sr. Vice President – HR at Max Hypermarket India Private Limited

Mr. Sutanu started by providing a quick snapshot of SPAR International. He highlighted the practices by which they differentiate themselves from the competitors. They differentiate themselves in the variety and best prices and choices they provide according to the respective geographies. He emphasized on the fact that wholesaler and retailer can achieve much more by working together.

Santanu Chaudhary_2He went ahead by highlighting the concept of VUCA with respect to disruptive innovation across various companies like Mahindra Reva, Bose, Apple, Alibaba. He said that VUCA has been a part of HR practices right from industrial revolution. It is a continuous process and has become a way of life.

Further, he put forward that HR is always at crossroads as it comprises domains like labour management and benefits, talent acquisition, industrial relations. In the VUCA world, it is important for an HR to connect the functionality of the right and left brain. Companies, these days are focusing on “multipliers” not “diminishers”. Multipliers include motivators, problem solvers, ideating people while diminishers consist of the idea killers, energy snappers and depleters. Organizations want to achieve a breakthrough by ideating aspirational products. Risk ability i.e. leveraging learning from failures is therefore appreciated.

He went ahead by elaborating the “mindful in the age of disruption”. In the highly competitive scenario, where everyone is vying for the best talent, attrition rate and performance management have become a cause of concern. Organizations, in such a scenario, adopt various competency models to cope up with the challenges.

“Disrupt and invent at every level to remain in consonance with innovation.” Building customer credibility, he explained, through situational leadership, getting right people in the right bus, being assertive, listening skills and proper feedbacks are characteristic traits of an HR. Communication and networking also play a major role in the process. He concluded the lecture by quoting “Keep learning, questioning and ideating.”


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