Disha 2016, Sophos, Day 4: Mr. Vaibhav Date, Head-Talent Management, Future Group


Mr. Vaibhav started off with the idea of customer loyalty to a brand, where he introduced the concept of “Nomadic 2.0” generation. According to him it is better to describe the new generation as transient, with multi-umbilical cords and having pixelated identity. This generation will have the highest sense of purpose to make a positive impact to the society. The speed at which this generation is changing, an organization needs to get the pulse of them through its employees. He also told that if a company doesn’t start to think about these new generation of customers today, it will be useless for them tomorrow and can be a subject to the VUCA world.

Continuing with this idea, he introduced the students to the new age media – Digital, which uses and leverages both structured and unstructured media availability to express thoughts. Gamifying the world in a pocket is the new mantra, where a social leader needs to think Nomadic 2.0. For this, they need to adopt technology for improving employee connect, ensure constant and steady availability of potential talent through Talent Sciences and build a culture of performance-driven organization.

So an organization needs to capture the speed of this generation being fast enough and imaginative. It needs to think the customers as universe, and the target population as the catchment world. The mantras for this should be to think big, engage in design thinking and be digitally oriented. Thus for the future managers to be developed, there needs to be a change from B-school thinking to a D-school thinking.

With this Mr. Date went on to explain how Future Group has shifted to being an “Appy” organization, where employees are the junction points for the customers. He also said that people are the digital assets of the organization. The session was truly informative as a whole.


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