Disha 2016, Sophos, Day 4- “Mindfulness of HR”- Mr. Sounak Chakrabarti, Sr. Manager- L&D (Learning and Development), Rane Group

In an interactive session with Mr. Sounak Chakrabarti, there was a huge emphasis on the role of HR in the VUCA world. ‘Change starts from dissatisfaction.’, he said.


According to him, HR has been improving continuously because the ecosystem in which organizations operate has been evolving. The purpose of HR must be aligned with the purpose of the organization in such a way that everyone in the organization works towards the achievement of organizational objectives. As per Mr. Sounak Chakrabarti, HR’s roles and responsibilities have changed from transactional to transformational to handle the complexities of the VUCA world.

VUCA is an ecosystem in which the organizations have been operating since a long time. In the context of VUCA, there are three dimensions of HR i.e. role and competencies, culture and individuals. Mr. Sounak, also discussed about the Dave Ulrich’s HR model and explained organizational culture through Great-Place-To-Work model. He later provided deep insight into mindfulness of HR. Mindfulness is about being aware and attentive of oneself. It helps to regulate oneself. He explained the importance of self-awareness through scientific research process also known as “Flow”.  He emphasized that individual’s thinking should be a result of conscious choices made.

VUCA and HR mindfulness are interlinked. Mindfulness helps one become compassionate and empathetic. These characteristics play an important role in HR. As we become aware of ourselves, we can make better sense of the available data. This will help in delivering quality results. In a VUCA environment we cannot do anything about quality and perfection without mindfulness.


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