Disha 2016, Day 5: Sophos – “We don’t chase market shares. We create markets.” – Mr. Jitendar Panihar, CPO at Healthkart

The interactive session with Mr. Jitendar Panihar started on a high note with him asking the audience what they expected from the lecture. With a short walk down memory lane, he drew out examples from his own experiences to answer the audience’s questions. The aspects covered in the session varied from understanding the fundamentals of business, the challenges faced by organizations and the initiatives taken by Healthkart to overcome these challenges.

He expressed that the main challenge faced by industries around the world is the hesitance to take risks. With the high volatility in the current industrial world, the need to navigate through changes and challenges within the industry is paramount. “Change needs to start from within.”, he said, emphasizing on how if we develop individuals, we develop relationships and in turn develop the organization.


He believes the best way to develop people is by stimulating real life business scenarios and giving them opportunities. In doing so, they are given authority and responsibility which in turn, will enhance their decision-making skills.

Moving forward, he explained the structure and working of Healthkart. He highlighted that the changing market, where customers are becoming more tech-savvy by the day sparked the idea for an e-commerce company. The company, which allows its customers to buy supplements online focuses on profitability and margins. He illustrated the point further, saying “We don’t chase market shares. We create markets.”

The session ended with active participation from the audience and Mr. Panihar sharing his valuable advice.


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