Disha 2016, Day 4, Onimia: “Does VUCA Mean That Everything is Unpredictable or Will The Conventional Approach to Leadership Suffice?”


day 4

Excerpts from the panel discussion:

Mr S. Venkatesh, President- Group HR, RPG-

Mr. Venkatesh says that VUCA has always been there, it is only off late that we are realizing this. He warns that employment opportunities will happen only in small agile firms. Being agile, according to him is the key to survive the VUCA world. Mr. Venkatesh also goes on to say that an employee will be expected to be a leader from day one.  Today’s employees are demanding a better work life and an environment where there ideas can be supported. He also mentioned that leadership is changing because the way of of measuring performance is changing.

Mr.Kaustubh Sonalkar,Chief People Officer,Future Group-

Mr. Sonalkar mentions that it is important to evolve everyday because the kind of people one leads, varies everyday. A leader should be versatile and open to the constant change that is happening around them. He states that the way one looks at an organisation has changed over the years as more and more youth are being brought into the workforce. In India, according to him, there is no need for leadership science but there is need for heart.

Mr.Sourav Patro, Head HR, PPG Asian Paints-

Mr. Patro accepts that the way the market works is continuously changing and that is why there is need for a “STUD LEADER.” A stud leader is one who has the qualities of being “STABLE”, “TRUSTWORTHY”, “UNBIASED”, “DISTINCT.” Employees today do not want a leader that cannot hold the team together in unstable times. They want someone who they can bank upon and get unbiased opinion from. finally, what will set the leader apart is his distinct skill set. These are the qualities that are required by a leader in the VUCA world.

Ms.Ridha Tazeen, Head HR,BPL Medicals-

Ms. Tazeen feels that mutual learning is very important for a team leader. The leader should be willing to learn from the team members and share feedback. Since she is from the field of medicine, she says that technology is changing constantly and so should we. Innovation is a big factor that can change the game for a sector, according to her. So she says that to be a real leader in today’s world, one must have an innovative thinking process.


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