Disha 2016, Day 4: Sophos – Leadership styles managed in the VUCA world – Mr. Sagar Khanna, PAN India Corporate Talent Acquisition HR, Mahindra Logistics

Sagar Khanna...-3

Mr. Sanjay started the session by emphasizing on the fact that the first step required to counter VUCA would be to get ourselves out of the comfort zone. It was an interactive session were students actively participated in the discussion. He asked opinions from students regarding how they would go ahead and add value to their company, community and country and got interesting insights from them. He told that the real education begins when we leave the academic world and step into the corporate world.

Mr. Sanjay discussed the traits of an effective manager in order to counter the challenges posed by the VUCA world. According to him, the manager should be proactive, relevant and updated on the recent happenings and concentrate on building organization culture. He further elaborated on the need to be proactive as it ensures closed loops.  He said that by staying current, managers can update their skill-set and save themselves from obsolescence. The only way to tackle the changing environment is by being aligned with the changes and constantly developing the skill-set in order to remain relevant.

Mr. Sanjay went ahead and explained that, managers should also focus on the values of an organization and build strong culture. This will increase the sustainability of an organization in the VUCA world. He stressed on the fact that, when managers build culture, they transform into leaders and lead by example. He concluded the session by highlighting the principles of Mahindra Logistics. He said that, with the Mahindra “Rise” strategy, they pledge to drive positive change, encourage alternate thinking and accept no limits. As a final message to budding managers he said “transform, reform and perform to be transformational leaders”.


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