Disha 2016: Sophos Day 3 – Ms. Vijayanti Margassery, Sr. Director HR, Biocon


Ms. Vijayanti Margassery gave her views on the theme of the day, Organisation Structure: The Rise of a Team. In this very interactive session, she questioned the students what according to them was the meaning of the term ‘team.’ She carefully and effectively broke down all that we conventionally know about being a part of the team.

A team, according Ms. Margassery, is a group of people who work in a symbiotic manner. It is not togetherness that defines the team, it is the knowing symbiotic relationship among the teammates. Togetherness she says comes after the team has moved on from the context  of  business outcome. There also exists a conditional give and take relationship between the members. The team needs to be willing to take risks and get in conflicts because these faulting helps the team reach new dynamics.

She explained the important basics that determine the strength of an organisation with the help of the Jay Galbraith’s star model. The first determinant among the five parameters was ‘Strategy.’ According to her, strategy making forms the basis of any functioning organisation. The second parameter in the model was ‘Structure.’ She explained that structure is a power center for an organisation. The kind of structure an organization chooses to have defines their outcome. A functioning structure will have different implications than a horizontal structure. The third parameter is the ‘Process.’ Ms. Margassery mentions that the lateral links and the integrative roles present in the team determine the workings of a team in an organisation. The fourth parameter being ‘Rewards’, she clearly stated that members of the team will work efficiently if they know what is in it for them. Rewards work as major incentive for efficient working. The final parameter being ‘People’, is perhaps the most important one. If the members of the organisation and team work with synergy, the foundation of the company becomes much more stable.

With this she went on to explain how the structure of Biocon has changed over the years and how it has helped the organisation grow. She then had a question answer session with the students about any doubts they might have had. Her wit and humour did not let a moment be dull.


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