Disha 2016: Sophos Day 3 – Mr. Prabodh Sirur, Vice President-HR, Manipal Technologies Ltd.


Mr. Prabodh Sirur of Manipal Technologies Ltd, engaged the students of TAPMI in an interesting session centered on preparing for the corporate journey. He started off, by sharing chronicles of prominent business figures. He spoke about how each of these successful professionals moved ahead in their career trajectory. The journeys are widely varied based purely on their interests and competencies. As an interesting activity, Mr. Sirur asked the audience to take a minute and think about what success means to each one of them. He stated that the corporate life is like a snakes and ladders game. While peer pressure, failures, unethical practices and bias incorporate the snakes, perseverance, skill enhancement and a good leader work as ladders. Every push down by the snakes, is a blessing in disguise, a learning experience which can catapult one towards the right direction.

Mr. Sirur, shared with the audience learnings based on his personal experiences, through the years in the corporate world. He spoke about the importance of designing pride in the work we do. Selecting and switching companies is of paramount importance, something that should be done based on an individual’s success plan rather than on monetary grounds. There are extensive processes in large companies, some of which might appear to be a hindrance to innovation. However, in reality, adhering to processes builds character. It is vital for an individual to believe in processes and bring about positive changes in processes that can be made more efficient. The concept of task on time versus the world’s best solution was discussed. He emphasized on the fact that even the best solution to a task given carries no value if it’s not on time. A major challenge faced by professionals is misinterpreting the tasks assigned to them. To overcome this and ensure we are on the right track, a mid-review can be undertaken.

He encouraged the audience to learn continuously, retrospect on previous failures and correct them.


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