Disha 2016: Sophos, Day 2 – Ms. Sindhu Subhashini, Senior Director, Brillio 


The guest lecture started off with Ms. Subhashini describing her journey from Wipro to Mindtree to Brillio. The transition of her career’s trajectory is a tale of inspiration to all. However, instead of focusing on her extensive work experience she spoke of an organization’s key component: its people. Ms. Subhashini postulated the importance of understanding one’s internal psyche. It is vital to understand whether an individual is excellent operationally or creatively. Operational excellence is suitable for those who prefer a stable, uniform environment whereas a creative individual is an ideator who is dynamic in his activities.

The majority of the lecture focused on the importance of people in an organization. She believed it isn’t necessary to connect everyone in an organization, instead the organization may be divided into clusters. These functional groups will help improve efficiency and reduce the overall attrition rates. Brillio brought down their attrition rate from 26% to 12%. This change was achieved through dynamic HR strategies. Hyphen is a software used to collect anonymous feedback of employees. 15 questions are used to generate an individual scorecard (30% to 100%). These results are then published on a notice board. This evaluation process increases organization transparency and overall profitability. It is vital for leaders to focus on revenue generation. Value comes from people; they need to be taken care of. Brillio has a 97% score with respect to transparency. Information may be shared with employees unless it impacts profitability, credibility or revenue.

Ms. Subhashini believed technology allows for the creation of clusters and connecting people. As powerful as external factors can be, she emphasized that self-reflection can be used to understand what motivates you. A great organization won’t hamper your flexibility and allow for openness. HR can resolve conflicts if there is trust. A key takeaway from the lecture was the usefulness of constant feedback. Excitement upon good work will have a phenomenal effect on productivity known as the Pygmalion effect.


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