Disha 2016: Sophos Day 2 – Ms. Diptii Das, Head HR, Aramex International


In an insightful discussion with the students of TAPMI, Ms Diptii Das spoke about dynamism, challenging the status quo and culture. Ms. Das stated that application doesn’t stop or start, it’s a continuum. In a multidisciplinary and multi-industry corporate world, one needs to analyze and scale up to expectations dynamically. She advised the students to ‘remix’ knowledge earned and experience collected from the industry in tandem with the changes in industry, culture and stage of growth of an organization.

When asked by the audience about the best practices in HR, she stated that there are no best decisions or best practices. There are only best fit decisions and best fit practices. “Today’s times do not call for a yes sir approach”. It is important to get a thinking mind on the table. An analysis of the success points and anticipated bottlenecks, enables one to anticipate a probable solution and take a best fit decision.

Ms. Das cleared some of the misconceptions about HR, by stating that HR is everything tangible. It is a number game which involves a lot of number crunching. She also spoke about the importance of culture. It helps a company move in a singular direction. Brand positioning is done based on culture. This culture eventually converts to numbers, which can be used to take decisions.

Another focus area of the session, was on coaching as an approach. Ms. Das, explained the difference between coaching and mentoring. While mentoring is carried out by subject matter experts, coaching is not directional. It enables independence of thought. A coaching session encourages a person to challenge the status quo, using the method of questioning. She stated that a coach essentially rephrases and designs something that the person agrees upon and makes it more impactful, rather than leaving it at a conversational stage. Every institution is now moving towards the coaching approach, which promotes interdependence and in which ability utilization is exponential.

She ended on a note that before working for an organization, we need to keep our individual development plan as a priority.


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