Disha 2016: Onimia, Day 2- Agile HR, a Mindset or a Methodology


Excerpts from the panel discussion:

Mr. Winston Derosario, Director- HR, Grant Thornton

Mr. Derosario started the panel discussion by pointing out the current situation of the market is that leaders are reluctant to listen to new ideas or approach. But the change that is needed in the VUCA world is to make them listen and be open to change. According to him, “Perpetual Beta Mindset”, should be adapted to inculcate an environment suitable for VUCA world. Perpetual Beta Mindset is the state of mind where one has a great openness. the person is willing to accept  new ideas without bias. If the world around us is constantly changing, our thinking process should too.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Head HR & Sales, Aramex

Mr. Kumar on the other hand felt differently about what is necessary for a sustenance in the VUCA world. He feels that communication is the game changer. The leaders top priority is to communicate effectively with his team. Mr. Kumar said that even though the truth maybe harsh, it is better to communicate it down the ladder. This will create a free movement of information and transparency in idea sharing. In a VUCA world, being connected to  each other provides a foundation of stability.

Ms. Sindhu Subhashini, Senior Director, Brillio

Ms. Subhashini feels that hierarchy needs to go out of the window. According to her, hierarchy  is killing HR and the organisation. People with quality and talent are hard to find. To find stability it is important to find people with a correct value system and integrity because everyone today is in a customer facing role. Learning inside the organisation provides  foundation in a VUCA WORLD.

Mr. Karuna Kumar Vempula, Director-TA, Cigniti

Mr. Vempula said that “digital hiring” should be the main focus to find the suitable candidates for the company. He feels the company can get to know the employee on  a personal level and know if the company’s mindset will match the employees belief system. Agility is most prevalent in HR currently and may help other companies find stability, it is a methodology and not a mindset.

The session was then opened to the floor which led to an interactive session with the students.


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