Sophos Day 1 – Mr. Rajesh Sahay, Vice President, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting


Mr.Rajesh Sahay, in a highly interactive session, discussed some of his personal learnings that would enable an individual to succeed in a corporate career. He started the session by stating a simple mathematical question and opening the question to the audience for discussion. Through this simple exercise, he demonstrated that one of the biggest mistakes professionals make in the VUCA world is being unidirectional and sticking to their opinions. Every individual gets finite resources in his professional life which follows the 404040 rule i.e. 40 hours per week, 40 weeks per year and 40 years. It is important to maintain life’s momentum throughout one’s professional career.

“Keep it simple, drive it hard”, was the advice Mr.Sahay gave to the students of TAPMI. He spoke about the value of experience in corporate life and the importance of not rushing to success. The primary expectation from a leader is very simple- “To take decisions”. Decision taking is a risky affair, more so when there is an absence of precedence.

A major focus area of the session were the keys to being a good decision taker. A major contributor is the ability to ask questions, to challenge the status quo and to work beyond it. Mr.Sahay stated that the success of a leader lies in managing people who don’t directly report to you. As strong support system is important. Another important factor is the ability to deal with people who are intellectually better. This, Mr.Sahay explained would bring to the table constructive dissent and innovation. It is of paramount importance to recognize skill, harness them and get the best out of them. On a lighter note, he added that it is important for a leader to sound intelligent when dealing with people who are better. Each person has a role to play and if everyone performs his role perfectly, the team moves forward. “As a manager, you need to run the orchestra.”

He ended on the note, “Life will throw unexpected situations. Pause for a moment. You will get the answer.”


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