“An Insider’s View on Bollywood Business” – Mr. Dinesh Modi, CFO – Eros International

Dinesh Modi

Mr. Dinesh Modi interacted with students of TAPMI on a very interesting topic of “An Insider’s View on Bollywood Business.” Giving a brief introduction of the Indian Film Industry, Mr. Modi told the students that Bollywood Business can be classified into three verticals, namely – Production, Distribution and Exhibition.

Moving forward, explained how revenues are generated from the business. The main sources of revenue in Indian Film Industry are theatres, televisions and digital media. While talking about the revenue generation for the distribution units like Eros, Mr. Modi told that an average of 45% per ticket price is allocated to the distributors.

Further, he added that though Bollywood is far behind US, Canadian and Chinese film industries, it will witness significant growth in the years to come. There is a rapid increase in the number of multiplexes in the last ten years and this is expected to grow manifold in years to come. Taking the names of a few key players in the exhibition industry like PVR, Inox, Carnival and Cinepolis, he spoke of the jaw dropping growth in the industry. It was only a few years back that 3 Idiots was screened across a mere 1000 theatres whereas, Sultan, this year, was released across 5500 theatres in the country.

He also enlightened the students by telling that Media and Entertainment market is a grooming market and in the years to come, digital advertisement over the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will become a huge source of revenue generation.

To conclude, Mr. Modi told that piracy is a big challenge for today’s Indian Film industry which is primarily due to the absence of theatres in many parts of the country. The lack of latest technology in the form of digital projectors, which could prevent people from recording movies from the screen, is also a scarcity.


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