Finomenal 2015, Day 1: Samnidhy First Investor’s Meet

samnidhy investors

Finally TAPMI organized its First Investors’ Meet for Samnidhy. Samnidhy is a student operated fund organized by the students of TAPMI. In this investors’ meet, the performance of Samnidhy’s team was judged by the industrial stalwarts. The guests were Mr. Gajendra Kothari, MD and CEO of Etica Wealth Management, Mr. Vidhu Shekar, Country Head, India, CFA Institute and Ms. Arati Porwal, Director, CFA Institute. Samnidhy team started their presentation with the description of their organizational structure and vision. They explained their philosophy of investment of providing medium to long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in a diversified portfolio of NSE500. They benchmarked CNX100 and NIFTY50 as their investment objective and explained the methodology behind the selection of a particular stock.

According to Samnidhy team, choosing of a stock is not a random process. First, the Analyst team pick a stock and then do an extensive research not only related to fundamental aspect, but also considering the macro analysis of the whole sector. Then they send their recommendations for a particular stock to the Review team. After a thorough analysis by the Review team, the recommendations are send to the Investment team. The Investment team thoroughly scrutinize the stock and then on the basis of the amount of risk involved, they invest a certain amount in it. The Samnidhy team keeps monitoring the investment throughout the investment cycle and once a stock becomes risky, they quickly sell it to be on the safer side.

Samnidhy team then revealed their portfolio details and returns which was spread across all the sectors. They further divulged the technical analysis of their portfolio performance like Sharpe Ratio, JENSEN’S ALPHA, Information Ratio, Treynor etc. They concluded their presentation with some of their real life learnings in the stock markets. At the end, there was a Q/A session where the guests asked questions related to the selection of their portfolio, and Samnidhy members apprised them the rationale for their selection.


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