Disha 2015, Day 5: Sophos – Ms. Ranjana Anand, Director HR- Optimal Strategix – “Be inquisitive, try to learn how the process has come up and understand the process.”

Ms. Ranjana Anand-3

In a very interactive and intriguing session on “Workforce in Demand”, Ms. Ranjana Anand, talked to the students of TAPMI regarding the importance of outsourcing and freelance workers.

She began the session by categorizing the workforce as permanent and temporary. The permanent workforce are the employees of the company while the temporary workforce consisted of three subcategories as follows:

  • Freelance Workers: They are the kind of workers who are not tied to any company and are available on various portals and associated within loops. They work independently and specialize in niche skills.
  • Contractors: These workers work for a specific term or project and are typically managed by third party.
  • Outsourcing: It is the most effective of the temporary workforce. The workforce is hired and absorbed by the organization in future.

Ms. Anand then explained the benefits of the temporary workforce and most of that was centered on cost effectiveness. As the outsourced or the contract workers are hired for a particular project, the time and cost spent on the training and induction is saved as the workers are proficient enough to work on the project. Also the cost on salary is saved as the organization has to pay to the outsourcing organization only.

Further, Ms Ranjana Anand explained about the role of outsourcing in the field of market research. She explained the power of negotiation while dealing with the clients and how outsourcing is used in market research. Apart from that she said that doing certain specified quality check methods before releasing the client is expected and very well received. She also said that the Internships are the best example of temporary workforce. She also gave the comparison between regular employee and the outsourcer.

She ended the session with generic information about learning and understanding new processes and signed off with the quote, “Be inquisitive, try to learn how the process has come up and understand the process.”


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