Disha 2015: Sophos – Ms. Vijayanti Margassery, Senior Director – Human Resource Development at Biocon Ltd. – “Hands on experience is required for a subject like HR as it involves personal credibility with co-workers.”


Mrs. Vijayanti Margassery, Senior Director – Human Resource Development at Biocon Ltd, engaged in a highly interactive session with the students of T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal, where she spoke about the HR Business Self-Assessment Team Summary of Biocon Limited.

She started the conversation by mentioning about CEB research and how it is used for organizational development practices and allows HR specialists to assess their positions. She also stressed on the fact that there is no bigger teacher than experience and how essential it is for a subject like HR which involves personal credibility with co-workers.

Moving forward she spoke about the various roles played by HR personnel as they keep progressing up the ladder. To begin with, they start off as Emergency Responders (EM) where they provide immediate fixes to emergencies and the competency requirement is low. Further, she spoke about how leadership is not about leading teams, but about getting things right and being humble.

From the EM position, they move on to becoming Employee Mediators (EM) where they create sustained solutions to challenges. Next comes the stage of an Operations Manager (OM) who measures and monitors the existing processes and policies. From the OM stage, they graduate into Strategic Partners (SP) where it becomes the person’s responsibility to create the organizational culture he or she believes in.

At this point she stressed on the terms business acumen and strategic ability and how one becomes a SP only when their business acumen turns into strategic ability. Thereafter, she spoke about how HR personnel should move on from giving judgements to observations and opinions to examples.

To end with she shared with the students a chart showing the critical HR competencies and advised the students to be always open to learning.


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