Disha 2015: Sophos – Mr. Jacob Jacob, Chief People Officer at Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd – “Simple living, high thinking is the essence of leadership”


The T A Pai Management Institute was privileged to have Mr. Jacob, Chief People Officer at Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd., an esteemed HR professional with over 18 years of experience at its annual HR event Disha 2015.

He shared his invaluable expertise in the area of HR and business by highlighting the changing corporate world where there is an environment of uncertainty. He expressed his view about how businesses today are looking for people who can bring about a change in the existing processes. Today there is a sea change in what companies are offering. Maintaining the right balance between what is expected by the business/organisation and the deliverable is paramount. The right ratio of a set of functional work to a generalist is what is needed in today’s work culture transition from a functional role to a know-all role. It is expected from today’s young leader to have universal knowledge about things and an understanding to work towards the organisational goals. He signified the importance of working in a global workplace. He emphasised on good leadership by saying “People leave managers not organisations. People demand good managers.”

He also underlined that it is always good to give back to society to make our efforts worthwhile .He exemplified the significance of simple living high thinking by quoting Warren Buffet’s simplicity. He concluded by saying that in whatever we do in our lives we have to find our passion first and follow it. Rest all will follow on its own.


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