EXPERT TALK – “Do you have a Problem? Or a Symptom?” by Mr. Aditya Maheswaran- Consultant, Hay Group

hay group collage


In a very interactive session by Mr. Aditya Maheswaran, Consultant at Hay Group; Real Problem Solving was discussed at large at Tapmi.

Mr. Aditya Maheswaran, a consultant by profession and a public speaker by passion, deals with Leadership and Talent space currently and has also worked as Strategic Consultant at Cognizant earlier.

August beginnings were made on the 1st of August, as he put forward a Case study and gathered different viewpoints through the “popcorn” approach. He explained that the Role of a Leader is not finding the answer, but the ability to navigate towards the best approach.

Mr. Aditya Maheswaran spoke further about why “Real Problems” are difficult and also gave a few reasons for the same. Firstly, real problems do not have one answer. They have multiple causes and reasons to occur and no single solution to lay finger upon. Then, he highlighted a striking reality that people do not come with Problems – They come with symptoms. Problems could lurk anywhere and identifying them is the most critical step which solves half the problem then and there.

Swadharma v/s Sadhanadharma , a concept that deals with choices not having to be Right v/s Wrong but Right v/s Right was the next thing on the list, where Mr. Maheswaran narrated a short story about how a King had to choose between Swadharma – what is right to him and Sadhanadharma – what looks right to the world. Mr. Maheswaran concluded these problems by saying that they generally do not have solutions and have only a few measures to deal with them. These measures were the critical competencies of being self- aware and awareness of surroundings and about how one makes others feel.

Mr. Aditya Maheswaran , a passionate Toastmaster speaker also introduced ‘’T’’ shape thinking which was the ability to have Analytical, i.e. functional thinking and purpose thinking and base decision making with equal weightage given to both parameters. He ended by asking all of us to recognize our capabilities and capacities and work our way up to success accordingly and signed off the session quoting, “The only constraint that your success depends upon the vessel you carry!”



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