Homage by TAPMI to Late Shri Manjunath Shanmugan- 19th November 2014


On 19th November 2014, nine years after the unjust murder of Manjunath Shanmugan, the students of T.A Pai Management Institute paid homage to this brave soul who chose to pursue truth and integrity. An IIM Lucknow alumnus who was working at Indian Oil Corp, Manjunath was devoted to curbing oil malpractices and was a relentless fighter against corruption of any form. He was murdered on this same day in 2005 by a petrol pump owner and seven accomplices.

In December 2009, the justice due to him was granted as all eight accused were found guilty and the main accused – the petrol pump owner – was given the death penalty. The quick justice was brought by the will and determination of the Manjunath Shanmugan Trust. Today this ensures that people who uphold the values of truth and honesty in Indian public life are recognized and awarded and also helps citizens learn and understand about the Right to Information Act.

A man who chose to follow his conscience and rose against the oil mafia in UP, knowing full well the consequences is definitely a man worthy of being remembered for years to come. As proof of this fact, the students of TAPMI organized a candlelight march on this day to honor his memory.


The event was orchestrated and well managed by the Student Executive Council of TAPMI and by 6:30 PM in the evening ( the scheduled time of the march ), there was a good steady number of students being handed out candles and pledge sheets. The event was marked by a speech by the class representative, BKFS, Siddharth Madhavan. He spoke about the life of honestly and sincerity led by Manjunath and the kind of ideals and principles he upheld till his last breath.  Afterwards the each and every student took a pledge to set an example through ethical conduct and to report and reject all corruption and immoral practices. The students pledged to lead of life of honesty, integrity and service to the society. The pledge was concluded by everyone lighting their candles on the ground and narrating the national anthem. The shine of the row of lit candles on the ground indeed spoke a thousand words and the memory of this honest crusader of justice was cherished by all.


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