Guest Lecture Session by Mr Krish Radhakrishnan, Channel Sales Manager – Freshdesk Inc

DSC_0519TAPMI welcomed its alumnus and former Student Executive Council President Mr. Krish Radhakrishnan, Channel Sales Manager – Freshdesk Inc. to campus. Krish started the lecture by reminiscing his journey from TAPMI to Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Inc. is a cloud-based software provider, headquartered in California. The company’s flagship product is Freshdesk, a customer support software, which brings together multiple communication channels like email, phone, and social networks, and makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers

Mr. Krish discussed about what it is like working at startups. He went on to debunk common myths about startups. Mr. Krish then went on to give a brief introduction about Freshdesk. He explained about the history of the company, the motivation behind formation of Freshdesk and about Freshdesk products.

DSC_0524The interaction was very enlightening for the students as the speaker shared a lot of personal experiences from his career in SaaS and IT products. He also answered various questions put forward by students. The guest lecture conducted by Mr. Radhakriahnan at TAPMI was a great learning experience for the students and helped clear a lot of clout about the work culture at start-ups and the career growth prospects for MBAs working at start-ups.


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