Onimia Panel Discussion 7 – Disha 2014, The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI, Manipal


Topic – ‘Managing talent in the transition economy of India.”

With yet another curious topic and lot of zeal amongst the speakers, the panel discussion for the topic “Managing talent in the transition economy of India”began on the penultimate day of India’s largest HR Conclave ‘Disha 2014’ at T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal. The panel consisted of guests from the reputed organizations – Mr. Raghavendra K (VP Head HR, Infosys BPO); Mr. Arun Kumar Kaimal (Senior HR Manager, Danaher –DHR Holdings);  Mr. Prem Velayudan (HR Director & Employee Relations Leader – APAC, CISCO Systems) and Ms. Ivy Saldanha (Director – HR, Actuant India). The moderator for the discussionwas Prof. Seena Biju.

Mr. Raghavendra K -VP Head HR, Infosys BPO:The discussion was opened by Mr Raghavendra who spoke on the following lines. Manufacturing sector is one of the promising sectors in the emerging economies. India is doing pretty well in the service sector. But the question to ponder upon is whether it is manufacturing well. Every country has to master manufacturing and then move to then service sector. And as a corporate, the one of the biggest challenge lies in making this sector and the jobs pertaining to it more attractive.

Mr. Arun Kumar Kaimal – Senior HR Manager, Danaher – DHR Holdings: Service is just an expansion of the product that is already in place. Hence the prime focus has to be on the manufacturing sector and then to the service sector.There is always an opportunity to grow in any industry. And in the rising and emerging economies like ours, we need to explore. Mr. Kaimal quoted “Make in India, sell what is made in India”.

Mr. Prem Velayudan – Director-HR& Employee Relations Leader – APAC, CISCO Systems:One of the important factors in talent management is the talent retention. The talents can be retained easily. But the question to ponder on is what should be done with the talents. They should be allowed to innovate, create and ideate. This will be beneficial for both employee and the employer.

Ms. Ivy Saldanha – Director – HR, Actuant India:The young minds should be made aware of what innovations is. It’s the need for the hour. Employee retention is of prime motto when it comes to efficient working of the organization, or the economy as a whole. The need is to get the right kind of people and create exciting environment for their retention.

The panel concluded by mentioning about the ‘right attitude’ of the prospective graduates in this ever growing and ever uprising economy.


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