Sophos Series Day 4 – Disha 2014, The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI, Manipal


Mr. Sandeep Naik, MRPL(Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited), Deputy General Manager, HR


On 21st August 2014, TAPMI was pleased to host Mr. Sandeep Naik as Guest Speaker, from MRPL(Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited), Deputy General Manager, HR in the campus. Mr. Naik spoke on the challenges in Talent Management in emerging economies and why is HR so important.

Starting with the fundamentals in talent management Mr. Naik said it is important to have right number of people, right place, right time, right skill sets and right levels of motivation in the organization. And the various factor conditions can be human resources, physical resources, knowledge resources, capital resources and infrastructure. Giving reasons on what has made talent management challenging in emerging economies, he illustrated several points like the senior managers do not spend enough time on talent management. The organizational structure done on basis of regions, products, functions tend to prevent collaboration and sharing resources across boundaries.

Also, usually Middle front line managers are not sufficiently involved in employee competencies and career. Managers are often uncomfortable to rank and rate employees differentially on basis of performers. All levels of managers are not involved in formulation of talent management strategy- there is limited sense of ownership. Talent management actions are just not limited to strategy. HR department is today facing declining talent and there is dearth of talented people. Competencies need to be built to sustain global advantage. Drivers of global talent management keep changing and necessitatenew action. These are some of the reasons which has made talent management challenging. This can be a cause of concern because more aggressive leaders are required today. Also there is mismatch between graduates being churned out and the industry requirements. There is lack of availability of technical ability. Also there is scarcity of people with real cross cultural knowledge or experience in managing foreign talent.

Talking about HR to number of employee ideal rate, he said it is usually 1:25 but at MRPL it is 1:110 which actually makes job of HR very easy. Explaining various other HR practices followed in MRPL, Mr. Naik concluded the lecture by taking a barrage of questions by the students. The session concluded with Prof. Vidya Pratap, Associate Professor, TAPMI gifting a token of appreciation to the guest.


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