Sophos Series Day 3 – Disha 2014, The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI, Manipal

Ms.ReenaTyagi, Head HR, Cigna TTK Health Insurance Co. Ltd.


Ms.ReenaTyagi, an alumnus of ISB, Hyderabad and Head HR at Cigna TTK Health insurance Co. Ltd., had an interactive session with the students sharing her experiences and providing insight about the present scenario of the Healthcare Insurance industry.

Ms. Tyagi talked about the tremendous potential of the insurance sector in India and also about the challenge faced by it. She believes that having a diverse culture at the workplace is important for an organisation along with systematic feedback approach being followed by the managers with their employees.

Ms. Tyagi then gave an overview of various policies and initiatives of the company to recognise the performance and ensuring the well being of their employees. The session was appreciated by the students as it provided an expert synopsis of the healthcare insurance sector which is growing at a phenomenal rate and is a key interest area for most of the students.


Mr.Mohit Shetty, AVP – HR, Reliance Capital


Mr. Mohit Shetty is the AVP of Human Resources at Reliance Capital Asset Management. He has completed his education from Welingkar Institute of Management with a post-graduation in Human Resources. He kick started his career with payroll outsourcing, statutory compliance, benchmarking, designing incentive & reward framework and policy formation as well as execution.

Mr. Shetty spoke on employee engagement and talent acquisition in financial sector. He opined that a person should choose HR as his career only if he feels he can contribute to the organization’s goal and growth. It is very important for HR personnel to be pushy, aggressive and put their point forward. Throwing light on engagement, he said that the engagement should be of a level that even the operator knows the company’s current targets. And the managers and leaders need to know each employee personally, his strengths, weaknesses.

As closing remarks giving valuable tips to the students, Mr Shetty advised everyone to start investing at this age itself and said each and every one can become rich. To invest in proper portfolios one need to read companies properly and analyse very well.


Mr. Anish Philips, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sasken


Mr. Anish Philip heads the Human Resources Function at Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd., completed his education from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies with a post-graduation in Human Resources.He has over 15 years of experience as an HR leader across geographies.

Being from Sasken, once a major IT giant in the industry till 2006,Mr Anish Philips took a rather different way of interacting with the students. He joined a struggling organization to increase it’s revenues and suggested students to be in his shoes in the career inception.Mr. Anish Philip then proceeded to go for an interaction round where student needs to be the decision makers. Students then pondered over the facts and later came up with various innovative solutions that could be implemented in a situation like Sasken.

Mr Anish appreciated the inputs by students and later explained them by illustrating various measures on the board and initiatives that were adopted by Sasken to gradually overcome all shortcomings pertaining to HR and other policies.


Ms.Vijayanti Margassery, Head-Talent Management & Organization Development, Biocon


Ms.VijayantiMargassery, Head-Talent Management & Organization development of Biocon, a leading Indian Biopharmaceutical company, delivered a lecture on Talent Management-Acquisition and Retention on 20th August 2014, as a part of Disha 2014-The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI.

Ms.Vijayanti cleared the myth students carried that money is the only way to retain good workforce in an organisation. She went to state that an employee needs to feel valued in order for him/her to have a long association with the company. Several factors like IJP(Internal Hob Policy),Training and Development, Skill and Knowledge Development are essential for the sustenance of an employee’s positive morale.

Concepts such as job evaluation, job appraisal and attrition were discussed at length with the students providing meaningful insights into the unknown HR areas. The lecture ended with an interactive Q&A session and the students left wanting for more.


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