Sophos Series Day 2 – Disha 2014, The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI, Manipal

Mr. Ragupathy L, Senior Manager – Talent Acquisition, Beroe


Mr. Ragupathy L, Senior Manager – Talent Acquisition at Beroe, graced TAPMI with his presence on the occasion of Disha 2014 – India’s largest HR Conclave.

Mr. Ragupathy has 11 years of experience in Talent Acquisition, and has recruited professionals at all levels across different industries – Automotive, Engineering Service, IT, Market Research and Consulting. He addressed the audience with lot of enthusiasm and spoke about his journey in the field of managing human capital and the challenges associated with it.

He held an interactive session with the students of TAPMI, and talked about the general recruiting practices of the corporate industry currently. He further offered insights about theexpectations of the HRs during recruitment, and put to rest any doubts the students had on that account. He went on to speak about the ways human resource development is carried out in the industry and how important skill development is in order to nurture and grow the work force in an organization. It has been TAPMI’s pleasure and honor to host him, and we hope the exchange of ideas continues in future as well.


Mr. Rajesh Sahay, Vice President and Head HR, Wipro Consumer Care


Mr. Rajesh Sahay, Vice President and Head HR at Wipro Consumer Care, addressed the students of TAPMI on the 2nd day of Disha 2014. Prior to Wipro he worked for UBS, a Swiss bank for 3 years as Head of HR for their offshore Captive Centre based at Hyderabad. He is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma Methodologies and a certified evaluator of Hays/Belbin and PAPI methodologies, and is also a trained Master Coach.  An alumnus of XISS, Ranchi, Mr Sahay has profound expertise in handling matters related to human capital and ways to develop it.

Mr. Sahay started the session on an interactive note and invoked strong participation from the students. He shared with the students the lessons he learnt from his experiences, and listed out the key important lessons as a manager. He was aided in this endeavor by the students themselves by their enthusiastic questions, and he offered insights to them by delving deep into his own management experiences. TAPMI looks forward to have such sessions with him in future.


Ms. Charu Gulati, Associate Director-Human Resources, Axis Risk Consulting


On 19th August, 2014, TAPMI students had the privilege of attending the guest lecture by Ms. Charu Gulati, who is the Associate Director-Human Resources at Axis Risk Consulting. Ms. Charu Gulati has over 15 years of cross functional experience in Human Resources, Training and Operations in Outsourcing and consulting. She is currently leading the consulting acquisition of Genpact, AXIS Risk Consulting, based out of Mumbai for approx. 400 people across the globe. Her role involves talent acquisition, talent management, performance management, organizational design and compensation management for the consulting vertical.

Ms. Charu Gulati started the session by talking about her journey from her college days until now and some of the events that shaped her career. She touched upon various factors that affected employee satisfaction and the steps that companies take to retain their employees. “Employees don’t leave the company, they leave their boss because the boss fail to understand the aspirations of the employees” said Ms. Gulati. She added that the Performance Management System should be goal centric with continuous performance feedback mechanism. 

Advising students about the importance of having right focus for a successful career she said that one should become an expert in whatever one takes up. “One should invest time in gaining subject knowledge and be a subject expert in the first 5 years of one’s career”, she added.

The session was very interactive and the students got an opportunity to clear their doubts from an industry expert. The enthusiasm of students in the classroom was palpable.


Ms. Maria Christine Nirmala, the Practice Head – Research and Consulting, Great Place to Work


Ms. Maria Christine Nirmala is currently working as the Practice Head – Research and Consulting at Great Place to Work. Prior to GPW, She was associated with SHRM and Honeywell Technology Solutions Limited. Ms Maria delivered a very insightful lecture on “Revisiting Leadership”.

Popular definition of leadership says that it is an amalgamation of behaviors and attributes that are mostly related to achievement and translate to economic performance in organizations.

There is a paradigm shift in leadership today. “It’s lonely at the top, but what fun if you can take others to the top with you!” exclaimed Ms. Maria. She went on to explain that a leader is a leader not because of his/her abilities alone but also because he can develop his team. Quoting Harry S.Truman, “You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets credit”,Ms. Maria’s lecture came to a close with her saying that the purpose of her interaction was not to give the students answers but to seed some fundamental questions in our minds.


Ms. Diptii Das,Head HR – South Asia, Aramex:


Ms Diptii Das works as South Asia – Head HR at Aramex International based at Mumbai .She was previously associated with Greenergy Renewables Pvt. Ltd., KEC International Ltd. (RPG Group) and 3P Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Penrhyn International).Unlike the usual way of delivering a guest lecture, Ms. Diptii Das (Head HR, South Asia) chose to engage in a two way communication with the students. She spoke with the students about the challenges that she faces and how she enjoys them.

She also talked about her transition from manufacturing to marketing and then to human resource management. According to Ms. Das,she does not like stagnation and moreover she feels that a product is an amalgamation of manufacturing, marketing and HR. The students asked her about hiring and retaining talent, to which she responded by saying that one should not hire quality by qualification but by passion and intent.

She discussed how a startup has more room to explore, brainstorm and how it can be defined the way one wants. She answered the questions in details and with much patience. It was indeed an enriching experience for the students to get to interact with Ms. Das.




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