Inauguration of DISHA 2014 – The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI, Manipal


With the spirits soaring and energies sky high, DISHA-2014 – the largest HR conclave in India was unveiled at T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal. The 6 daylong event with 50 plus eminent leaders seemed full of vim and vigor thanks to the unequaled and incomparable time and efforts put by students and faculty altogether.

The annual event that was started in 2009 began with the inaugural song seeking the blessings from The Almighty. The pronunciation and clarity of the singers was appreciated by the key note speaker Mr. Krishnan V. The delegates then went ahead with lighting up the lamp – a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

“The Talent Race In Emerging Economies: Will India Win?” is the concept of Disha 2014. With the Chief Guest Mr. Rajat Jain – Managing Director at Xerox India, Key note speaker Mr. Krishnan V. – Head of Talent Development, HCL Technologies India, Dr. R. C. Natarajan – Director at T. A. Pai Management Institute, Prof. Col. P. S. James – Area Chair Human Resources, TAPMI on the dais, the event began.

Dr. R. C. Natarajan proceeded to welcome the guests and mentioned the motto behind the presence of the event. He mentioned that exposures to the industry with the platform of Disha will benefit the B-Schools and will help them articulate the curriculum accordingly. Colonel James then mentioned about the war of the talents and importance of managing talents for a company, county and economy to prosper as a whole. I quote his words as follows: “Talent management is a complex and difficult task in the emerging and developing economy. It is our responsibility to face this challenge boldly. “

Rajat Jain

Beginning his career in 1980, Mr. Rajat Jain now is associated with one of the prominent innovation organizations in the world – Xerox. He mentions that everyone speaks about the necessary change that is pervasive in recent times. The fact dwells in managing to face that change. And the actual learning lies in it. He also highlighted the realism about childhood dreams.  Our world doesn’t get carried on our childhood dreams. Childhood plans are plans. But reality is different he mentions. The interesting fact rests in the need to manage the variation between them. He mentioned about three solvents to manage the variation issue. Open mindedness, resilience and having accurate vision and mission are the things to be done at the individual levels. “I have not seen many people who can give a good PowerPoint presentation about himself”, he quotes. On the ending note, he emphasizes on the connection between innovation, strategy and business. He quotes, “If you have a thought, be bold about it”.

V Krishnan1

Mr. Krishnan V., who has more than 20 years of experience remarked about Aldous Huxley to begin his address. Aldous Huxley was a leading intellect of the last century. A magazine decided to take a survey about his life and visited his school. During their interaction with his teachers, they expressed that no teacher wanted Aldous to attend their classes. They mentioned that his questions always made them intellectually discomforted. Mr. Krishnan further mentioned about the demographic advantage of India. In future, India will be the youngest country and net exporter of people. The issue that haunts back is to think about its social consequences. The students then would be having a larger responsibility and this would be the battle India cannot afford to lose. Lots of things are needed to be done in articulating how to create more employable graduates in the ever changing industrial demands. In the end, he mentioned about the meaning and importance of the famous Sanskrit shloka, “Saha navavatu, saha nau bhunaktu, saha veeryam karavaavahai, Tejasvi naa vadhita mastu, ma avid vishaa va hai.

The Inaugural ceremony thus ended on a high intellectual note with the students being motivated with the prospects of the insights provided by the delegates.


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