Raksha Bandhan at Bal Niketan – Organized by Social Endeavour Group (SEG) of TAPMI, Manipal


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”, SEG at TAPMI believes in this philosophy in its true spirit. With exams and events livening up the TAPMIANS, SEG in its own little way created some heart-warming moments this Raksha Bandhan. On August 10th the SEG team with a dynamic team of 35 volunteers made its way to Balniketan to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. The excitement was contagious the night before, with the SEG team planning for the special day and the volunteers running errands to get candies and what not for the children at Balniketan. Children at Balniketan too were looking forward for this day. Infact, they were delighted with the idea of celebrating Raksha Bandhan and in turn had started preparing for some performances.

The D- day arrived and SEG team with its team of volunteers reached Balniketan .The team was greeted with open arms and the delight on the faces of children was overwhelming. The SEG team had a heart chat with all the children and told them what was waiting for them. The team shared some Rakhis with all the children and then one of our volunteer proficient with Kannada spoke about the importance of this day. The celebrations started with children tying colourful Rakhis to their fellow mates and our volunteers. The SEG team surprised the little ones with a cake followed by some snacks and refreshments. The joy of sharing was immense and it could be felt that both the children and volunteers were having a great time together. Then we had a set of lovely performances by the children .The SEG team made the day even more memorable by ending it with planting some saplings. It was really moving to see that the children were loving each moment of it but it was time to go. SEG and the volunteers bade their goodbyes to the children with a promise to come back again next year with lot more surprises and joys in store.

-by Atithi Rath & Rajat Dobhal


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