Guest Lecture Session by Mr Tojo Jose, Executive Vice President HR at Blue Star Limited


Mr. Tojo Jose, who is currently the Executive Vice President HR at Blue Star Limited and has over 28 years of experience in the field of HR, agreed to engage the students at TAPMI in an interactive, inspiring and informative session on Friday August 1, 2014, sharing his views and experiences on the need for HR, what any company is looks for and how we, as managers, can transition smoothly into the corporate world.

Starting with the need for HR, he spoke about the diverse range of tasks and activities practiced in Blue Star and how the HR department effectively contributes to goals and operations of Blue Star Limited. Swinging back and forth between the HR universe and Blue Star, he shared an immense wealth of information on how Blue Star operates and how it distinguishes itself from its competitors not only on the basis of its core strengths but also non-core technologies.

Following this, he shared what the corporates were really looking for in the managers. In the list of desirable traits, hard work was on the top, emphasizing its need and necessity. Love for innovation, technology, and data came next because without these, you simply cannot succeed or survive in the corporate world.

On the non-professional front (equally important if not more) came traits like ethicality, humility, and respect, for these traits are needed irrespective of the company you work with, what your job entails, and where you are; after all, these define you much before even your work does.

Following this discussion, he presented his views on mistakes that people made while transitioning into a corporate which on surface seemed trivial but contained volumes of meaning which are not apparent and indeed quite humbling. For instance, managers commonly prefer to take jobs in the towns of their preference, in companies of their preference, and/or salaries of their likings; and keep the kind of work they want to do in the periphery; only to later realize and regret that this was not the job they wanted to do, and thus getting chained to that job for a time that becomes painfully long to endure.


At the end, he gave a few tips to the students. He advised them to never hesitate to ask questions, to cultivate hobbies, to save, and to take good care of health, for these are necessary if you want to climb the ladder of success.

In this short compact session he managed to share nuggets of gold with the budding managers and aspiring entrepreneurs, and made many of us look at HR as our majors in the following year. We thank Mr. Tojo for engaging us in such an informative yet enlightening session.


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