Guest Lecture Session by Mr Mayank Jain, Area Business Manager, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd.

Mayank Jain

I am travelling half the year around the world, every year, so coming home is one of the most beautiful things.

-Andre Rieu, Creator of Johann Strauss Orchestra

Home coming was indeed a beautiful experience for Mr. Mayank Jain who takes pride in being a TAPMIan. Currently, he’s serving as Area Business Manager, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd. Mr. Jain was a part of 2010-12 batch and he was back to the campus on 13th July 2014, sharing his experience of the college days with the students and how TAPMI provided a thrust to his life when he made his way to Titan Company Ltd.

The main highlight of his experiences of the college time was the discipline and academic rigour part of TAPMI. He detailed the point that it may be possible that students might take the discipline and rigour of TAPMI as unnecessary and too harsh for them, but he stressed on the fact that in the long run it is that rigour only that pays off. It eventually equips the TAPMIans in taking better decisions as they can weigh the consequences more precisely than others.

The session was highly interactive and more of a casual talk. The session went onto topics like outbound programmes of the college, importance of networking to very subjective questions like how to be sure that Marketing is the best choice for a particular student. He talked about his experiences in the college,  his friends, the balance between academics and his work in the Event Management Committee of  BrandScan – the largest market research fair in India, the hardships he had to face and the outcomes, his learnings from the outbound programme and overall what TAPMI provided him.

The talk went onto discuss his life after TAPMI, mainly his time in Titan – Tanishq. He began with the arrival of Titan in the Indian market when HMT was the market leader and how Titan was successful in capturing the leader board position in just a few years of its inception. He explained how Tanishq came into picture when India wasn’t exposed to the idea of an organised retailing in jewellery. Tanishq’s main challenge was to compete with the local and regional players and “brand itself nationally”. It had to offer designs that were suitable to the preferences of the local customers as well as cater nationally available designs.


He concluded the session stressing on “observing” more; be it inside the college or in the market, we need to observe more, try to understand the market dynamics and try to strategize our position accordingly. He further stated that understanding the market needs is important, but above that would be to “create” a market need altogether and that’s what Tanishq did – succesfully.

The session was highly enjoyed by both the guest and the students since the inquisitive and curious minds of the students fuelled Mr. Jain’s nostalgia related to the college. In the end, the college appreciated Mr. Jain’s efforts in taking out time for the talk by a small token of appreciation.


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