Guest Lecture on the Insurance Industry by Mr Sharad Mathur, SVP and National Head – Agency, Digital & Alternate Channel at SBI General Insurance Company


The new academic year started with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the students, curious to learn about other’s internship experiences. The insurance sector is booming and a lot of students interned in that domain. Keeping in mind the interest of the students a guest lecture was organised for the same.

Mr Sharad Mathur honoured us with his presence on Sunday, 6th of July, 2014 and shared his work life experiences with all. Mr Mathur is the Sr. Vice President and National Head – Agency,Digital & Alternate Channel at SBI General Insurance Company.He has close to two decades of experience in the Insurance sector and has been with SBI General Insurance for the past 6 years.

Before SBI General Insurance, Mr Mathur was working with Reliance Retail Limited in the Financial Services Department as General Manager. He has worked with many big names in the industry like ICICI Lombard, Thomas Cook, Bharat Shell, MRF Limited etc. Mr Mathur has also been awarded as the “50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India” by CMO Asia. In his illustrious career, Mr Mathur has also come out with many publications in leading business magazines and newspapers of the country.

The focus of the talk was on the insurance sector in general. From general trends to exact statistics and the greatest challenges and limitations faced by the insurance sector in India were discussed at length. The guest lecture was interactive and Mr Mathur was rather patient to answer all the questions the students had about SBI and Insurance in general.


The interaction went ahead when Mr Mathur shared his personal experiences in the corporate world and how he made his way up the success ladder. It was truly inspiring for most of the students. It was truly awe inspiring to learn about his experiences and talk about the magnitude of domains covered under insurance ranging from automobiles to personal health insurance.

The take away was immense for everyone and not just those interested in insurance.  The best way to summarise would be in Mr Mathur’s words himself.” In the job department there will be ups and downs, don’t be disheartened with small failures since it is nothing but small term thinking. To get ahead, think like you are the CEO and work like one and see the difference.”

The session came to an end with the Placement Committee of TAPMI presenting Mr Mathur with a momento and offering the vote of thanks on behalf of the TAPMI family.


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