Guest Lecture by Ms Aparna Sharma , Country Head HR, Lafarge

Aparna Sharma

On Saturday, 28th June 2014, TAPMI was graced by the presence of Ms Aparna Sharma, Country Head HR of Lafarge, as a guest speaker for the benefit of Tapmians, and were given the chance to interact with her for an independent session of 2 hours.

Ms Aparna Sharma, a source of inspiration for many, and especially to women MBA aspirants, chose to talk about the very relevant topic of Employability quotient, which forms one of the prime concerns of today’s youth as part of a future work force. She conducted the session with enthusiasm and interactivity, and engaged the interest and inquisitiveness of the students in no common degree.

Essentially, the points touched upon were those of understanding one’s own Employability quotient, recognizing the particular strengths and areas of development, and building upon the former and developing the latter as much as possible. She presented facts and figures from the current industry scenarios, such as the current Employability ratio of all MBA graduates in India being only 23%, and then proceeded to explain the possible methods to ensure one’s success. One of the most important aspects she touched upon for this achievement was definite and regular goal setting by a person, with clear ideas on how to achieve them.

However, she also stressed on the importance of these goals being in line with one’s true aspirations and interests, and the futility of anything otherwise. The students were all encouraged further in this direction by a simple activity of roughly testing their Employability quotients and understanding (for the first time) the measure of their different characteristics. Such an activity could not have failed of impact, and the session proved to be as much of a question – answer round as it was an imparting of knowledge of her behalf.

Finally, it was an exemplary example of an interface between students and an industry guide, and the immense exchange of knowledge possible amongst the two. She imparted many valuable lessons to the students, and they on their part, provided her with as much food for thought through their insightful questions. TAPMI hopes to be able to conduct many more such wonderful visits from such eminent personalities of the corporate world in future, and hopes once again for Ms Sharma to grace us with her presence. To conclude with her own words, reflecting a deep lesson in learning, “There are no bad experiences, only bad days.”



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