City Meets for PGP1 2014-16 batch organized by the Literary and Media Committee of TAPMI


The Literary and Media committee (LiMe) organized city meets for an informal interaction between the PGP1 and PGP2 batches. The TAPMI students who were in there MIPs (Summer Internships) during the months of April and May took time out from their busy schedules to have an interaction with the students of the PGP1 batch of 2014-16, in order to help them better understand the TAPMI culture and also clarify their doubts related to the academics and the Life@TAPMI at large. The city meets were organized in the month of May and June, spanning over three weeks. The various cities in which LiMe organized the city meets were:


Date City Number of students from PGP2 Number of students from PGP1
18th May Bangalore 5 16
25th May Chennai 4 13
Delhi 4 14
Mumbai 3 21
31st May Hyderabad 3 12
Pune 3 9
Trivandrum 1 6
Ahmadabad 3 12
1st June Kolkata 3 14
Cochin 2 2


In total, meets were organized in 10 cities, in which 31 PGP2 students interacted with 119 students from PGP1. This activity is performed every admission year by LiMe. From last year, LiMe added one new city to the list, viz. Trivandrum.


The activity helps the PGP1 students who were about to join TAPMI, to have an initial understanding of the type of culture that is prevalent in TAPMI, along with some basic nuances of the PGDM course. They also get a chance to meet and bond with some of the seniors and get an idea about what to expect at TAPMI.


One thought on “City Meets for PGP1 2014-16 batch organized by the Literary and Media Committee of TAPMI

  1. Nostalgia! We used to organize city meets for the short-listed / wait-listed candidates across different cities as a part of the erstwhile MIRC (Media & Industry Relations Committee). Good to see this initiative being taken to more cities by LiMe. 🙂

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