Guest Lecture by Mr. Nimesh Shah – Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Windchimes Communications Pvt. Ltd.


On 22nd March 2014, TAPMI students had the honour of receiving Mr Nimesh Shah, co-founder of Windchimes Communications Pvt. Ltd., an alumnus of NMIMS Mumbai, and a young entrepreneur, as a Guest Speaker. Mr. Shah held an interactive session with the students and talked at length about Social and Digital Media.

The topic of the day was ‘Using Social Media to build your own Brand’. Mr Shah began the session by connecting to the students at their own level, by revealing that he had visited TAPMI as a student himself in 1999, as part of Sankalp, an event organized by Atharva (TAPMI’s annual B-school Fest). He ensured that the session was interactive since the beginning itself and drew out the views of students on the various aspects of Social Media.

The session gave many interesting insights to the students into this upcoming trend of Social Media. While the general perception seemed to be that Social Media is essentially online, Mr Shah presented a totally different view stating that Social Media is online as well as offline, and the only difference being that online it receives more scale.

Having explained the very idea of it, he went on to explain how one may use Social Media to his/her advantage. To establish this, he presented many interesting examples from real life, such as Susan Boyle, the singing sensation from Britain who is now a Brand herself due to the correct use of Social Media. Also, Mr Shashi Tharoor, who leveraged this medium to connect to the youth of the country simply through his regular Tweet updates. Needlessly to say, these examples held the students spell-bound and led to a plethora of questions later on.

Finally, he focused on how, despite its many advantages, Social Media was only a tool that could be used if the core product was good. He emphasized on the quality aspect and encouraged the students to leverage Social Media, while ensuring that their main product had a strong value offering.

TAPMI students were richer for the experience in terms of knowledge and skills, and it is hoped that they will be graced by his presence and interaction again in future.



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