A session on “Private Equity” – by Mr. Ashwin Narang, AVP, Pioneer Investcorp

Collage_Pioneer Investcorp

This Sunday the 9th of March, TAPMI proudly played host to one of its alumnus Mr. Ashwin Narang – AVP, Investment Banking at Pioneer InvestCorp. Mr. Narang was here to talk to the students on trends and career options in investment banking in general and Private Equity in particular.

The session kicked off with Mr. Narang clearly defining the role of an investment banker and describing how often people erroneously claim to be practitioners in this area.

After enlightening the audience on the broad aspects of Investment Banking, Mr. Narang moved on to his area of practice- Private Equity. He walked the students through the entire process of a private equity deal spanning four phases namely – Coverage & Origination, Collateral Preparation, Distribution and Valuation & Structuring. While comparing and contrasting the private equity scene in the United States with that in India, Mr. Narang mentioned that it has witnessed a growing trend in India over the recent past and also named some of the most active participants in the country.

Stressing on the importance of understanding the fundamentals of the industry one, as an Investment Banker is planning to cater to; Mr. Narang gave examples of deals handled by him where this knowledge was essential to the successful deal.

The students had the rare opportunity to view actual samples of agreements, prospectus, disclosures and similar documents that are transacted in the course of a deal.

As Mr. Narang offered a peek in to the events associated with the closing of a deal, the audience were able to get a clearer picture than what they had held in their minds so far.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to complement their theoretical understanding of Investment Banking concepts with real examples from the industry.


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