“Do brands listen to you?” – A session on Data Analytics by Mr Deep Sherchan


Mr. Deep Sherchan, CMO and Cofounder of Simplify360 visited TAPMI campus to deliver a lecture on Data Analytics.

The session was very interactive, with Mr Sherchan giving the students an insight into the relevance of data analytics in today’s world. One of the prominent questions which was discussed was how “brands listen to their customers”. He gave examples from the industry and spoke about how Simplify360 helps clients make sense of data available to them.

Mr Sherchan also spoke about how companies are moving. The investment in analytics is rising today. There is an increased use of unstructured or new data sources. He also explained the requirements and challenges for digital analytics and how good analysis is possible by marrying big data skills with business acumen. He stressed on the importance of psychology and story telling.

Mr Sherchan then explained how data collection is performed. He dwelt deep into the brands’ social compass which were customer experience, market optimization, brand health, innovation, operational efficiency and revenue generation.


He concluded the session with interesting reports which were very informative for the students. It included comparison of brand strength of two famous Bollywood stars, comparison of leading e-commerce sites and discussed about some interesting findings in these reports.

The session was educative and was very useful for the students of TAPMI.


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