“ROLE OF YOUTH IN THWARTING THE THREATS FACED BY OUR NATION”- Guest lecture by Lt. General Dr N S Malik, former deputy commandant of the Indian Army.



On 17th February, TAPMI had the privilege of having a session on “National security issues” by
Lt. General Dr N S Malik, former deputy commandant of the Indian Army, New Delhi. Brigadier Narayan Singh Malik, New Delhi, former officer of RAW and Prof G S Murthy, Vijayawada, former nuclear scientist also graced the event.

Dr. N S Malik started the lecture by talking about the immense potential that our country has. He said that our country was endowed with rich natural resources and was ideally located on the path of world trade. He said our country also had many cultures which should preserved. “We can never know our country entirely. It is too great with a lot of diversity” he said.

“Terrorism has been destroying the economy of our country “. Explaining further, he said, “Two of our neighboring countries, Pakistan and China have been attacking us in all possible ways and the worst part of this is the collusion of both these countries to attack India. China has been using Pakistan as a proxy to attack us. There are lots of issues with China, which we are not raising on the national level. In the Northern areas, Chinese have a massive presence and also, large extent of land has been illegally intruded upon by these two countries.

“In Karakoram Highway in the northern parts of the country, one can find major tunnels, which have been used by the invaders to store missiles and other destructive weapons. A port nearby has been fully controlled by China, which indicates that we have been lacking security over waterways. One such example is the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, where the attackers had reached their target via sea,” he said.

“A proxy war has been carried out from a long time ago through two different ways: Economic Attack and Demographic Attack. Naxalism, terrorism, Maoism, drugs and other narcotic substances supply, inter communal wars etc have been happening continuously in our nation, thus effecting its growth.

“We are indeed at a dangerous stage. In fact, the entire southern Asian region itself is in danger as the three neighboring rival countries – India, Pakistan and China – are nuclear powered.

“Our military forces must be fully equipped with modernized weapons. We import weapons; hence they are too costly to the country’s economy. If the defense sector is developed, the country’s economy will grow,” he added.

“The government has admitted that there are more than 20 million Bangladeshi immigrants in India. No step whatsoever has been taken to expel the illegal immigrants who are a risk to national security”.

Dr. Malik said that the students had a very important role to play in the development of our nation and that students should understand the problems and challenges facing our country. He said that all students must think of the betterment of India in everything that they do and should work for the nation.

He ended the speech by saying that a war is fought by the nation and all its citizens are its soldiers.

Everyone in the seminar hall was truly inspired.


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