Guest Lecture by Mr. Santosh Mishra, Human Resource Director at Innovation Labs [24]7 Inc.


“The existing world of innovation and folks who make it happen” – this was precisely what Mr. Santosh Mishra ventured to talk about to the students of TAPMI in an interactive guest lecture held on the 22nd of February, 2014 at the TAPMI campus.

Mr. Mishra is a seasoned HR professional with thirteen years of experience across diverse sectors ranging from retail to Agri Biotech to IT, among others. He is also a specialist in the realm of Talent Management, one of the hottest fields in HR today. Mr. Mishra presently serves as Human Resource director at Innovation Labs [24]7 Inc.

Mr. Mishra started off by first talking about Innovation – what it is and how it works at the most fundamental levels. He highlighted the disruptive pace of innovation today i.e. how ideas take much lesser time to “go to market”. Because the advent of information and technology has shrunk the global landscape, and also because today, availability of capital is not really a factor if the idea is good, he exclaimed that if one has a new idea, one can be sure that there would be at least a thousand others who are working on the same idea. He explained this point with actual examples, and emphasized the need for organisations that are innovation centered to identify this “megatrend” and align their business model so as to be dynamic and responsive to cope with this trend.

He now delved upon the origin of great, path breaking, and disruptive ideas. Where do great ideas come from and how to encourage the ideators? Mr. Mishra now talked about the nature of work in an innovation focused organisation. The key aspects in his opinion are that such companies attract people who love to solve problems and have the audacity to attack huge problems, have a culture of big as well as incremental improvement ideas, and have a High Performance work culture which puts emphasis on accountability, ownership and teamwork.

Finally, Mr. Mishra proceeded to explain to the eager TAPMIans about the specific traits of people in innovation organisations. According to him, the talent at such organisations comprises of people who chase big ideas, have the ability to stay and fight despite setbacks, have a healthy respect for expertise and personal space, think “out of the box”, and are extremely flexible with execution. These traits are what need to be looked for and nurtured in any organisation that wants to be innovation centric. He also talked about the importance of self – leadership in such organisations.

The session was interactive with a lot of pertinent questions being posed to the guest, who addressed the finer points of his discussion through the question and answer session. The lecture concluded with a standing ovation to Mr. Mishra and the students thanking him for spending his valuable time with them. 


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