“Changing Paradigms in HR Functions” Guest Lecture by Ms Ivy Saldanha (Director HR) – Actuant India


Ms. Ivy Saldanha, Director HR, Actuant India, held a session with TAPMI students on ‘How HR can support Business’ on 14th Feb 2014. She started with a brief overview of Actuant itself – the structure and processes of the company.

The session was interactive since the beginning. A volley of questions was put forward by TAPMI students, and an equally adept Ms. Saldanha easily put the queries to rest at every instant.

The questions raised were not just about the company, but about the varied aspects of HR, how they work and what relevance do they have with Business. Ms. Saldanha went in-depth into the concepts of HR, and finally told the students about how Actuant has devised a process to ensure the training of its employees in this field make them fully adept in knowing the intricacies of the company, understanding how everything works. This process is the Internship process, which unlike other companies, goes on for a period of 2 years. The idea, as explained by her, is that the employee would have so much of knowledge and training at the end of this 2 year period, that it would render him/her a competent candidate for HR services all over. Further, it would arm him/her with a unique knowledge of the company and its workings, making him/her a capable potential employee in the future for Actuant.

Naturally, this concept brought in further queries from the students, given that this was not a usual concept practised by a company. Ms. Ivy then pacified the students by her own example and by the personal experiences which her colleagues chose to share with the students, and the experiences were such as dealt with the all the concerns of the students. Ms. Ivy then proceeded to the final stage of the session, where the interaction was purely on the basis of HR concepts in general and how one may apply them in any kind of business.

After an hour of highly energetic interaction between her and the students, the session ended with a thunderous applause, and a promise on Ms. Ivy’s behalf to share further knowledge again in future to students delighted at this prospect. To conclude, it was a session highly informative of the changing trends in the HR functions in the industries and the TAPMI students had a great experience being a part of the session.



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