Quiz On The Beach (QOTB) @ TAPMI Atharva 2014


 Quiz on the Beach (QOTB) is the flagship event of TAPMI Atharva and as the name suggests QOTB is not another regular quiz,  rather a one of its kind. Precisely because It’s held in the most magnificent surrounding. The quiz is held at Kaup Beach which is a few kms away from the main town Manipal. The backdrop to the event is the vast ocean and the sound of the waves serves as the music, a contrast to the nerve wrecking music one would associate with most quizzes. It’s the most serene atmosphere where each team tries to outdo the other.

The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. M.B. Boralingaiah, Superintendent of Police (Udupi). The other guests of the event were Mr. Anna Malai, Asst. Superintendent of Police (Karkala); Mr. Prakash Gurumoorthy, MD – Group FMG; Mr. Mohan Narayanan, Founder and CEO – Kubos Consultancy; Mr. Ashwin Raghuraman, COO – India Innovation Fund.

This year Quiz on the Beach went international and attracted participants from Sheffield Hallam, UK in addition to the participants from India’s Premier B-Schools. The quiz master for the event was Dr Navin Jayakumar, the Landmark Quiz fame. This was the first time he visited Manipal and was absolutely taken aback by the surroundings a midst which the quiz was held since it was unparalleled to any other quiz.

A total of 8 teams made it to the finals. The teams were :

1 School 2 Campuses  (ISB, Hyderabad and Mohali)
Team 42  (TISS and IIM Indore, Mumbai)
50 Cells of Grey (S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai)
Babu Black Sheep (BMSE, Bangalore)
Beasts at the Back (St Joseph’s College and BMS, Bangalore)
Blah (NALSAR, Hyderabad)
Questionable Content (NIT-K, Surathkal)
Unladen Swallows (TAPMI, Manipal)

The wit of the Quiz Master and the promptness of the participants kept the audience engaged till the end. The audience participated enthusiastically whenever asked a question. Round after round the level of engagement increased as the audience was gripped to their seat listening in anticipation.

The Winners: Beasts at the back took the lead and 50 Cells of Grey and 1 School 2 Campuses following close as the first and second runners up. The winning team won a prize amount of Rs. 6 Lakhs while the runners up bagged Rs. 3 Lakhs and Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.

Beasts at the back (St Joseph’s College and BMS, Bangalore) 


50 Cells of Grey (S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai)


1 School 2 Campuses  (ISB, Hyderabad and Mohali)

The quiz was exciting and refreshing to witness because of the entire experience. As TAPMI Atharva rightly puts it, this was an event ‘where the knowledge of the participants was not the only sea’.


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