TAPMI Atharva 2014 hosts Mr. Sarathbabu Elumalai, Entrepreneur and Social worker

Mr Sarathbabu Elumalai, Entrepreneur, Social worker and founder of Food King Catering Services Private Limited was on campus today to talk to first year students as part of Atharva 2014 @TAPMI .  He is the winner of several awards such as CNN-IBN Award for Young Indian Leader, ‘Pepsi-MTV Youth Icon’ and ‘Example to Youth Award’. His story is a true motivation for people aspiring to rise up in life through sheer hard work. 


During the one hour he spent, he walked the students through his life story. Starting with his early days as a schoolboy, he narrated the hardships he underwent and yet how he strived to see the positive side through all of them. He further went on to illustrate an efficient mechanism of minimizing raw material costs by giving an example of the book binding business he involved himself in during high school where he made much larger profits than his competitors.

Talking about his life as a student of Chemical Engineering at BITS, Pilani he shared his experiences of meeting new people who had grown up in set ups much different than his own and how he eventually went on to become the coordinator. He also enlightened the audience about the origin of his efforts towards starting the Hunger Free India foundation and the background of 10th October as Hunger Free day. The talk was followed by a Q&A session where Mr. Elumalai clarified many questions in the minds of the students with examples from his own life.


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