Expressions – VIBES @ TAPMI Atharva 2014


One of the most awaited events of Atharva, Vibes provided a visual treat indeed!  The dance team from Manipal Institute of Technology, Blitzkrieg, came down to campus for a face-off with the Tapmi Street Steppers. The participants were put through three rounds where they performed solo, group dance and duet numbers.

Round 1 was an impromptu round where participants from both the teams gave a solo performance. An electrifying performance from Tapmi’s Manish Menon left the crowds chanting “once more”.

Round 2 was a duet dance performance. Both Tapmi street steppers and MIT blitzkrieg chose contemporary-hip hop fusion for this round. Both the teams were excellent. The dances were brilliantly choreographed and performed.

The audience were amazing cheering their hearts out. Peppered in between the rounds were fillers like musical bingo and barath dance, keeping the audience engaged. The cheeky mimicry made the crowd go into splits of laughter while the ramp walk and melodies sung by the onlookers gave fresh appetite to the whole event. Among the audience, the MC spotted Sharathbabu Elumalai, Mtv youth icon and Cnn-Ibn young Indian Leader. Sharath came on stage and danced with the students.

The final round and the decider was a treat to everyone’s eyes. The street steppers gave an energetic performance which featured an electric mix of various styles. MIT blitzkrieg impressed the judges with a frenetic routine which included songs like chopsuey from system of a down and riding dirty  by the Chamillionaire. Their acrobatic stunts left the crowd in awe.



The night was still young at Tapmi after the dance performances. “Yet to be Named” The Tapmi rock- band gave an amazing performance for the Fans of Rock. They sang covers of some of the popular songs like “Mairi” by Euphoria and “it’s okay” by the Junkyard Grooves. Until the next time…Take a bow YTBN !!! 


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