Charting your career course: a Guest Lecture by Mr. Bharat Gopalan, Ramco Cements


Mr.Bharath Gopalan, Deputy General Manager – Learning & Development, Ramco Cements, was on campus at TAPMI on Friday the 3rd of Jan 2014 to conduct a session with PGP 1 students on the topic “Charting your career course”

The session kicked off with Mr.Gopalan involving the audience with questions about their work experience and reasons to join the PGDM programme at TAPMI. Soon after, the students were involved in a group exercise. Continuing with the lively and energetic session, Mr. Gopalan went on to talk about what hiring teams look for in prospective candidates terming it the “Best Fit” – a catchy term that seemed to catch on well with the students. As he enumerated the stakeholders in the entire placement process, he contrasted the placement process and job scenario of yesteryears with that of today’s.

Mr Gopalan then went on to illustrate a “Career Roadmap” and subsequently a “Career Development Cycle”, two essential tools for the students at the juncture they are presently in.

This was followed by another exercise involving factors that students rated important in their expectations of a good job which could be broadly classified as those dealing with “being”, “doing” and “having”. While presenting many valuable insights, Mr. Gopalan stressed the importance of following the sequence of being, doing and then having versus that of having, doing and being.

The session concluded with an overview and Mr Gopalan sharing some valuable examples. It was indeed an opportunity for “self discovery” for all the students.


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