New Initiatives and Strategies – Mr. Tapan, iTiffin


An esteemed guest, Mr. Tapan, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, came down to TAPMI to share some of his knowledgeable experiences with the students of TAPMI on 30th Nov, 2013. He interacted with the students and enriched them with the vast resources of his knowledge further.

Mr. Tapan was greeted by an enthusiastic audience of TAPMI students, and captured the floor instantly with his views and ideas well-fitted to foster great learning in the fresh minds.

The session, unlike general such others, was interactive right from the beginning till the very end, leaving very little space for a one-way knowledge transfer, and enabling learning at both the ends.

The topic for the day was ‘New Initiatives and Strategies’, and Mr. Tapan talked from his own personal experience with iTiffin. He not only encouraged students to come up with the answers to his questions, but designed the entire lecture in such a way, that the students themselves would reach the point he wanted to make. He ensured that the students not only listened, but worked alongside with him in working out causal effects, patterns and logical conclusions during the entire session. Rather than a helpful guide telling the way, it was more of a journey that had been undertaken together by the students and by him.

Starting from the basics of the topic, he touched upon every aspect of the Tiffin industry. From the research consisting of knowledge of the kinds of nutrition required by the body and recommended by the doctors, to the kinds of tiffins, the modes of tiffin distribution, the financial aspects of the industry, the operational mechanics, he left no stone unturned in his attempt to educate the young minds.

Professor Vidya Pratap also graced the session with her presence and her keen questions into the life and experiences of Mr. Tapan, thus inspiring the students to follow suit and clear any doubts they might have had. Needless to say, their doubts met a well-informed mind with the ability to answer, or to arrive at the answer with no difficulty.

Overall, the session left nothing to be desired, only students craving for more knowledge. Mr. Tapan was suitably honoured by the MIP Team and the students alike, each hoping for future interactions on the same lines.


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