Guest Lecture by Mr. Abraham Cherian, Head – Talent OD and Recruitment, TESCO


The students of TAPMI had this opportunity of attending a guest lecture delivered by Mr. Abraham Cherian, Head – Talent OD and Recruitment, TESCO at the TAPMI campus on October 20th, 2013. He did his Masters in Personnel Management from the University of Pune and has more than 15 years of industry experience in the field of Human Resource and Staffing. Mr. Cherian has worked with various industry giants like, Berger Paints India Ltd., Wipro Infotech Ltd., Hewlett Packard etc. before joining TESCO.

Mr. Cherian spoke about many topics such as Talent Retention and how that affects the growth and development of an organization. He started with a simple schematic of the employee lifespan in any organization. With no proper retention techniques in place the, around 20% of the employees tend to leave the organization within a year. According to Mr. Cherian, “talent is scarce and should be retained as far as possible”.

He showed the students some of the reasons because of which any employee leaves an organization and surprisingly enough, the main reason according to psychometric analyses was not salary. Merely 5% of the employee strength cite remuneration as a reason to leave the organization, whereas more than 38% say that their manager’s were not competent enough, or they had poor work-life balance because of which they quit their job. He supported his premises with very relevant instances from the industry.

He threw light on the way they were able to reduce this attrition amongst employees by “De-cluttering the Organization”. He said the organizational structures and cultures in the Asian countries are very hierarchical. This can lead to high-handedness, rude behaviour and sycophancy to prevail in the organization. Through de-cluttering and re-structuring of the organization, such unnecessary practices can be done away with, which in a way will improve the working conditions and lead to higher retention of talent.

Mr. Cherian, very rightly pointed out that Talent Management comes as a topic under Human Resource but has to be practised across all departments and functions. He also said that for long term benefits to be achieved some difficult decision has to be taken in the short term.  He discussed about topics like 360 degree appraisal system and how it is linked to the development of employees. Major part of the session was an interactive discussion with the students of TAPMI who asked questions and presented their perspective about the topics being discussed. The session came to an end with a vote of thanks extended to Mr. Abraham Cherian by the TAPMI family and a token of appreciation being presented by the MIP team.


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