Shankara Narayanan K. from Aircel speaks about Customer relationship management

Shankara Narayanan K. is responsible for operations and growth strategy of Chennai and ROTN circles which constitute 50% of the organization’s top line. Tamil Nadu and Chennai are also Aircel’s most profitable operations and win the bread for the company’s investments elsewhere in India. The operations here go back in time to 1999 when Aircel became the first mobile telecom operator in Tamil Nadu. With over twenty four years of extensive experience in Financial managememnt, operations, change management and business transformation. Sankara joined Aircel in September 2012. His previous employers include Ranbaxy Labs Ltd in India, Africa and China and Vodafone India, previously known as Hutch. Loaded with a quarter century of work experience, Sankara has spent 50% of his career time in Telecom. He had an interactive session with the students of TAPMI about Customer Relationship management.
According to him, CRM is a strategic process of selecting customers that a firm can most profitably serve. It can be a system or a process. Shankara spoke about how he believes that without customer relationship management telecom companies will die. He also talked about how CRM is about how – one size doesn’t fit all. It is about making it a unique experience for the customer.
He also spoke about the evolution of CRM from data capturing to support system. He talked about the two different types of CRM’s: traditional CRM and new dawn of CRM where we interact with competitor’s customers and agents and have the competitors and market information with us. In the connected world CRM goes beyond you, your customer and your partner.
He also enlightened us about the benefits and problems of social media in CRM. Data says every dissatisfied customer reaches out to 27 others so we have to address people immediately. If their problems are resolved immediately its likely he’ll be more loyal. CRM enables every organization to: Provide better customer, cross sell and up sell, help sales staff close deals faster, discover new potential customers, increase customer revenues.
He also spoke about the applications of CRM, the building blocks of CRM and how it’s executed. He spoke about tailoring products to customers’ needs and its importance. The students saw Customer relationship management in a new angle after this lecture.


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